Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

The trustees were delighted to be able to help Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare to  buy some essential new equipment.

The Raystede Vet Dr Saskia Krawczynski said  “thank you very much for your very generous grant that has enabled us to purchase new theatre lights and x-ray equipment.  The light has made a huge difference when I perform sterile procedures in the theatre, such as bitch spays, eye operations and other surgical procedures. The former light was very poor, making it difficult to see what I am doing. . I am very grateful for the money being provided for this purchase, and this is an item I have asked to be bought for a long time. It makes all the difference to performing operations on all sort of species, from cats over dogs to rabbits, rats, small exotics and ultimately to deliver good animal welfare through surgical intervention”.

To find out more about Raystede and its work please visit their website www.raystede.org